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Free form installation with your design and imagination with simple cutting tool. No need of any extra tool or accessories at site. 

Basorfil - Basket Tray

70% Light weight than conventional Cable Trays

Installation Guide

Resistance to Corrosion:

Salt Spray Test Classification of 

Basor Material as per ISO 9227:

EZ (Electrozinc) - CLASS 4    

HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanised) -  CLASS 7

EZ 1000 - Double Dipped - CLASS 8 


What's UP ?

NESTLE awarded the biggest beverage plant with Basor Wire mesh Tray. The installation site is in Thailand. The land of food and beverage, is equipped with Stainless Steel and Hot Dipped Galvanised Product.

IKEA trusted BASOR for the new Mega Store in Bangkok as well as 5 new Branches in Europe. 



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